“Maybe God Gets Lonely” poem

Originally posted on A.K.P. Poetry:
Dear brother was Everyone’s favorite boy. “He’s a little Jim Carrey!” They’d say, which was A big compliment, Especially in the 90’s. “What a comedian!” They told our mother. She was lucky to have Such a silly son. ? And then, there was me… The first born. The lonely one.…

Manufactured Dreams (poem)

  Your eyes are wide open but you see so little… Rather remain comfortable in society’s manufactured dream. Like a good, obedient sheep. Living in a cage, where the door Has been left open. — Ill.usion of freedom — The door only leads To a bigger cage. You’ve been told it’s too Dangerous to wander […]

You Will Change The World (poem) 3-17-16

What’s more detrimental to one’s sanity? The moment of abuse Or all the years that proceed Where you relive the pain over and over, Beating yourself up for not walking away sooner? Even if you were only a child… And had nowhere else to go…. You still wonder if it all could have been avoided, […]

“Backwards Evolution” poem

We’re so advanced. We’re so ahead of ourselves. Mother Nature? Who needs ‘er? Got the best technology, That’s ever existed.   We’re so advanced. So out of this world. Who still uses a kitchen? There’s a Mc Donald’s Everywhere you go.   We’re so advanced. So high on the food chain. Eat healthy? What’s the point? I’m […]